Oops, They Did It Again: iOS 16.7.4 Fixes Another Built-In App Woe

Hold onto your iPhones, folks, because Apple’s back with another iOS update. And while it might not be a feature-packed extravaganza, iOS 16.7.4 delivers a much-needed fix for a pesky built-in app issue. Remember that time you accidentally deleted one of those non-removable iOS apps and found yourself scrambling to reinstall it? Turns out, you weren’t alone. And thankfully, this update puts an end to that mini-meltdown.

Say Goodbye to Uninstallageddon:

Yes, the dreaded “uninstallable app” situation has plagued some iOS users since, well, forever. Accidentally delete an app like Stocks or Podcasts, and reinstating it became a convoluted saga of resetting network settings or digging through iTunes backups. Frustration? You bet. But with iOS 16.7.4, those days are (hopefully) over.

The Fix is In:

This update tackles the “uninstallable app” gremlin head-on, ensuring that those built-in apps play nice even if you accidentally banish them from your home screen. No more cryptic error messages, no more panicked forum searches. Just a simple reinstall button click, and your banished app returns to its rightful place, ready to serve you news, tunes, or whatever its digital purpose may be.

Small Fix, Big Sigh of Relief:

While this might seem like a minor tweak, it’s a huge relief for anyone who’s ever experienced the uninstallable app nightmare. It demonstrates Apple’s commitment to ironing out even the seemingly small wrinkles in the iOS experience, ensuring a smoother and more reliable journey for its users.

Beyond the Fix:

Of course, iOS 16.7.4 isn’t all about resurrecting banished apps. It also addresses some general performance and stability improvements, so expect your iPhone to feel a little bit zippier and less prone to random hiccups. And hey, who can say no to that?

The Verdict:

So, iPhone users, take a deep breath and release that “uninstallable app” tension. iOS 16.7.4 is here to save the day. Update your iPhones, rejoice in the return of banished apps, and bask in the knowledge that Apple’s got your back (and your accidentally deleted Stocks app). Now go forth and explore the iOS ecosystem with newfound confidence, knowing that even if you make a digital faux pas, there’s a fix just a tap away.


  • iOS 16.7.4 fixes the issue where built-in apps like Stocks or Podcasts couldn’t be reinstalled if accidentally deleted.
  • It also includes general performance and stability improvements.
  • Update your iPhone to enjoy the smooth sailing and banished-app resurrection goodness.

So, let’s raise a virtual toast to those pesky bugs getting squashed one update at a time. And may our accidental uninstalls be a thing of the past! Happy tapping, iPhone aficionados!

The Saga of iOS’s “Uninstallable” Apps

Since the early days of iOS, a quirky issue lurked within: the ability to accidentally delete certain built-in apps, subsequently making them unrecoverable through normal means. With iOS 16.7.4, Apple seems to have finally addressed this long-standing problem.

The Origins

When Apple introduced the ability to remove stock apps from the iOS home screen for storage optimization, they didn’t anticipate the problem this could cause. Making apps like Stocks, Watch, or Tips deletable meant that, inevitably, someone would accidentally delete them.

And with no capacity to redownload these built-in apps from the App Store, affected users resorted to convoluted workarounds. But the problem persisted…until now.

Attempted Fixes and Failed Promises

Over the years, nearly every major iOS update brought the hope of a proper solution. An early bug allowed deleting the App Store itself, rendering redownloads impossible! Though eventually patched, the general undeletable app issue remained at large.

Later versions touted fixes, but problems slipped through the cracks. Or solutions only covered some apps. Generally each iOS release only whittled away at subsets of problem apps rather than addressing the root issue.

Uninstallageddon Banished?

Which finally brings us to iOS 16.7.4 – an update dedicated solely to bug fixes and performance improvements. And topping the list? Our uninstallable app nemesis squashed at long last!

By specifically targeting accidental system app deletion, iOS 16.7.4 brings back instant reinstallation options. No more phone resets, iTunes rollbacks, or convoluted tricks. Just a simple restore button to reinstate your lost app.

While only time will tell if Apple has finally sealed up all the edge cases, early reports suggest the uninstall terror might be over. And that sound you hear? A collective sigh of relief from iOS users everywhere.

4 Reasons to Update to iOS 16.7.4

On the surface, iOS 16.7.4 seems like a mundane release, even by iOS bug fix standards. But make no mistake – this update brings critical quality-of-life improvements under the hood. Before dismissing it as boring, consider these incentives to update.

1. Restoration of Accidentally Deleted Built-In Apps

Obviously the headline fix for 16.7.4 centers around reinstating undeletable apps that meet their demise. If you’ve ever panicked after losing an app like Stocks or Watch, this update brings peace of mind.

2. The End of Annoying Workarounds

No need to anxiously dig through website forums when a built-in app disappears going forward. The simplified restore process means less hassle when accidents happen. You’ll thank 16.7.4 the moment catastrophe strikes!

3. Increased Stability

While not the most exciting change list item, the various stability improvements and bug fixes should provide general iOS performance gains. Smoother operation and fewer random hiccups keep your iPhone feeling snappy.

4. It’s Only 1.5GB!

Modern iOS updates often balloon to multiple gigabytes in size. At a mere 1.5GB, 16.7.4 keeps device storage impact low and download speeds fast. Take two minutes to update and enjoy the benefits!

When evaluating operating system updates, it’s easy chasing splashy new features and overlooking subtle but meaningful improvements hiding beneath the surface. So don’t underestimate the mighty iOS 16.7.4 and its conquest over accidental uninstalls!

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