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Nintendo and Microsoft: A Strong and Collaborative Alliance

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa revealed the enduring strength of the relationship between Nintendo and Microsoft, dispelling acquisition rumors and underlining their commitment to collaboration.

A History of Collaboration

Over the years, Nintendo and Microsoft have demonstrated their commitment to partnership in various ways:

Gaming Titles

Microsoft has showcased Nintendo games on its platforms, making Nintendo’s captivating titles accessible to a broader gaming audience on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Hardware Projects

The two giants in the gaming industry joined forces to craft the Xbox One controller, a vital component for the Nintendo Switch. This collaboration exemplified their dedication to enhancing the gaming experience.

Cloud Gaming

In the ever-evolving realm of cloud gaming, Nintendo and Microsoft have pushed boundaries. Xbox Game Pass, a gaming subscription service, is now readily available on the Nintendo Switch, granting gamers more choices and access to a rich library of titles.

Bridging the Gap

Nintendo and Microsoft’s remarkable camaraderie is a testament to their readiness to work together, even as competitors in the gaming sector. This unity is a breath of fresh air, demonstrating that both companies are eager to set aside rivalries and concentrate on providing gamers with unparalleled experiences.

Endorsing Support

For enthusiasts of both Nintendo and Microsoft, this amicable partnership should be a cause for celebration. By advocating and investing in both corporations, we foster an environment where they can persist in producing exceptional games and hardware. It is a win-win for the gaming community.

The ongoing collaboration between Nintendo and Microsoft promises to enhance the gaming world’s vibrancy, offering players an array of exciting experiences and innovations. It’s a testament to their shared vision of delivering exceptional gaming adventures.


I encourage all fans of the gaming realm to continue supporting both Nintendo and Microsoft. By doing so, we contribute to the ongoing development of the gaming industry and ensure that we, as gamers, receive nothing but the best in games and gaming hardware.

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