Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Is the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Returning to Its Roots with a Speaker Design Inspired by the Galaxy S9?

A Hint of Nostalgia

In an unexpected twist, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra could be taking design inspiration from a bygone era. Renowned tipster Ice Universe has hinted at a speaker design for the Galaxy S24 Ultra that pays homage to the Galaxy S9.

Breaking Away from the Past

Samsung‘s design choices for its flagship phones have evolved over the years, but the Galaxy S23 Ultra took a distinct path with a speaker opening featuring six “pill-shaped” holes. The potential return to a “long strip design” for the Galaxy S24 Ultra marks a significant departure from this recent trend.

The Strip Speaker

While details about the new speaker design remain scarce, it’s likely that it will encompass more than one speaker opening. The transition back to a strip-style speaker could be met with mixed reviews, as it harkens back to the design of the Galaxy S9, a choice that didn’t resonate with all Samsung enthusiasts.

A Controversial Move

The possibility of reverting to a strip speaker design stirs curiosity and debate among Samsung fans. Some may welcome the change, while others might express reservations about its return. The big question is whether Samsung has refined the design to address the concerns of those who found fault with it in the past.

In Conclusion

While it’s intriguing to contemplate the return to a “long strip design” for the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s speakers, the final verdict remains a mystery. It’s essential to await Samsung’s official announcement to evaluate the design fully. Some may embrace this nostalgic nod to the past, while others may hope for an even better, more refined future.

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