iPhone Owners Beware: New Threat Allows Hackers to Spy on Your Phone

iPhone users, beware! A new security threat has emerged that allows hackers to spy on your phone through your keyboard. This vulnerability, discovered by security researchers at Certo Software, specifically targets third-party keyboards installed on iPhones.

How the iPhone Keyboard Hack Works

When you install a custom keyboard, it typically requests full access to your device to function properly. However, this also gives cybercriminals an opportunity. They can create keyboard apps containing hidden keyloggers that record everything you type, including sensitive information like passwords.

Protecting Yourself from the iPhone Keylogger Threat

Here are some steps you can take to protect your iPhone privacy and security:

  • Only download keyboards from trusted developers and the official App Store
  • Read app reviews and descriptions to watch out for mentions of data collection or keyloggers
  • Limit unnecessary keyboard permissions around contacts, photos, etc.
  • Use strong passwords unique to each account
  • Keep your iPhone and apps updated to the latest versions
  • Remove unused keyboard apps

Additional Recommendations

Also consider enabling two-factor authentication, avoiding typing sensitive information on public Wi-Fi, and reporting any suspicious iPhone activity to Apple immediately.

The Need for Responsible App Development

This vulnerability demonstrates the importance of transparency from app developers about what data their apps access and require. Users should also be cautious about permissions granted to installed apps.

Staying Secure in the Digital World

As cyber threats continue evolving, it’s crucial to stay vigilant about new risks and exercise caution to protect your digital security. Keep software updated and use strong, unique passwords to reduce chances of becoming a victim even in the event of a successful attack.

Remember, proactive security consciousness goes a long way in protecting your devices and sensitive data.


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